Kherson – the administrative center of the Kherson Oblast (province), and isdesignated as its own separate raion (district) within the oblast. It is situated in the Southof Ukraine. Khersonstretches along the high right bank of the river Dnipro, this is thearea where the Dnipro runs into many branches and forms many islands. Kherson Ukraineis situated on the plain territory called the Steppe.There are two ports in the city: a Riverand Sea port,that’s why the Kherson trade port is connected with 42 countries of theworld. Kherson has railroad connections to Kiev and to Lviv.

There are three city raions. Two of them still carry mark of a colonial city of Russia.Dnipro Raion, named after the Dnieper river. Komsomol Raion, named after the RussianCommunist youth organization, Komsomol. Suvorov Raion, named after the RussianGeneral Suvorov.

Modern Kherson Ukraine is the large city with the population of 329,0 thousandinhabitants (2007 stats) and the area of about 100 square km, the city is famous historyand rich culture. 

Unil 1774, the region belonged to the Crimean Khanate. Kherson was founded in1778 by Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin, on the orders of Catherine the Great.Thecity was built under the supervision of General Ivan Gannibal on the site of a smallfortress called Aleksanderschanzto defend the southern Ukrainian lands from theTurkish invaders.The name Kherson is a contraction of Chersonesos, an ancient Greekcolony founded approximately 2500 years ago in the southwestern part of Crimea. One ofthe first buildings in the Kherson Fort was the Church of St. Catherine where Potemkinwas eventually buried.Besides, Kherson was a favorable place not far from the entranceinto the Black Sea. It was the cradle of the Russian Black Sea Navy. The history ofKherson is inseparably connected with names of such great people as Gannibal, Howard,Potyomkin, Ushakov, Suvorov.

  Today Kherson is famous for its shipbuilding and ship-repairing industries. Its cargoships, tankers and docks are known all over the world.

The Dnipro and the wide green zone of the city boundaries create magnificentconditions for the people of kherson and visitors.

The climate of Kherson Ukraine is of a moderate continental. The average temperaturehere is rather high – plus 9-10°C and the rainfall is quite small – only 320-400 mm. Itremains to add that the frostless period in the region lasts for about 288 days and thesunny days in the year amount to 260-280. As you see Kherson Ukraine is one of thewarmest cities in Ukraine. 

Kherson is a cultural and scientific center in the South of Ukraine. There are about 60schools, classic schools and three Lyceums,several universities: Kherson state agrarianuniversity, Kherson state university, Kherson national technical university and InternationalUniversity of Business and Law. There are a lot of libraries, cinemas and two theatres: theDrama Musical Theatre named after Kulish and the Puppet Theatre for kinds. Besides,there are some museums in our city. The Museum of Local Lore covers the history andnature of Kherson region. The Art Museum acquaints visitors with the works of Russianand Ukrainian artists. The Lavrenyov Memorial is the literature museum. There are also alot of ancient buildings with fine architecture in Kherson. We can also admire the places ofinterest in Kherson, which attract many tourists. We have monuments devoted to greatpeople. Among them are the monuments to Alexander Suvorov, Fedir Ushakov, TarasShevchenko, St. Catherine Cathedral are worth seeing. The Church of St. Catherine wasbuilt in the 1780s, supposedly to Ivan Starov’s designs, and contains the tomb of PrincePotemkin. Also there are such main sights as Kherson TV Tower, a famous constructionlocated in the city, and Adziogol Lighthouse, hyperboloid structure designed by V.G.Shukhov, 1911.

And yet one most popular place of visiting is the embankment. The tourists visit it withpleasure to spend their free time. They can see there a monument to the first shipbuilders.

Kherson has many parks and is one of the most «green» cities in Ukraine. On theterritory of Kherson we have quit a few urban parks. The Park of Lenin Comsomol, LeninPark where the Great Oak of more than a hundred years old grows. We also have thePark of Glory which stretches above the Dnipro.

Kherson Ukraine is going threw the process of becoming a modern city in Ukraine.

Лариса Ившина
Украинская журналистка и общественный деятель, главный редактор газеты ПостФактум.

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